What Is The Best Call Of Duty Campaign

What Is The Best Call Of Duty Campaign?

We have made sure that our and our are equipped for Call Of Duty multiplayer, but we also love the single player campaigns. So today we are taking on the task of picking our favorite campaigns from the Call Of Duty series!

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward really did blow everyone away with this. Call Of Duty was set in the past for so many years that we just kind of got used to it. Modern Warfare though was a game changer and the campaign was just so well written and actually made you give a damn about the characters. The All Ghillied Up section is arguably one of the best parts of any first person shooter… ever!

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

What made the Black Ops campaign so fantastic was the fact it was written by David S Goyer who you may know from The Dark Knight and Blade. Taking clear inspiration from movies like Apocalypse Now and The Deer Hunter, the campaign in Black Ops is a wild ride and Viktor Reznov is the greatest character in any Call Of Duty campaign.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Really??? Well yes, the best part of the most recent COD game was the campaign. It was like a sci-fi blockbuster movie that had a 300 million dollar budget. It was loud, full of explosions, crazy meathead characters and just a ton of great set pieces. While it may not be everyone’s favorite game in the series. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has a campaign that is just incredibly underrated.
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What Would Make Overwatch 2 Epic

What Would Make Overwatch 2 Epic

One of the biggest first person shooters of the last decade has to be Overwatch. Blizzard turned their hand to making a first person shooter game and they knocked it out of the park. But with Overwatch being as successful as it is, even if they have not said anything about it, a sequel has to be in the works! Today we are looking at what would make Overwatch 2 extra awesome!

A Story Mode

Overwatch is all about the online co-op and while some of the events have been story driven (like the epic Junkenstein’s Revenge) most of the lore of Overwatch happens out of the game. Blizzard has created such a great cast of characters here, we feel that they really do deserve to be part of an epic story driven experience.

Keep The Special Events

Look the fact that Blizzard has created these fun events like Junkenstein’s Revenge is great. But they do not last long enough! Why do they make these and then take them away? It is very frustrating and it would be really cool if they could just leave these as part of the game. Perhaps they have some kind of Overwatch Game Of The Year or Special Edition planned where all these events will be included.

More Characters

How the people at Blizzard were able to make so many interesting characters is just amazing and we do not want a single one of these to be missing from the next game! We have liked the new characters Blizzard has so far added, but rather than add another 20, we feel adding just a handful to the already awesome existing cast is the way to go.
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Scary First Person Horror Games You Need To Play

Scary First Person Horror Games You Need To Play

Look as great as our and are and for all the mods they have, changing your underwear is not one of them! Which is a shame because the games we are talking about today are pants wettingly scary!


Outlast is a game that sees you as an investigative reporter who is going to an insane asylum to see just what the hell has happened here. Well, this turns out to be a very, very bad idea as all hell breaks loose and you end up trapped inside! You have no weapons, all you have is a camera which you need to use when to gets dark! There are three choices in Outlast. You can run, hide or die! This is a very scary game, but scary in an awesome way. There is a sequel and even a prequel, but the original game is what you want to play.

Alien Isolation

With a sci-fi twist, Alien Isolation is a very interesting game. Most other Alien games before this were all heavily action based. But Alien Isolation does thing differently. You play the role of Amanda Ripley who is completely underpowered and in no way prepared for the horror that awaits her. When the alien is stalking you and you have to do things like hiding in a locker to just survive and pray it goes away, you are literally scared to breath. It is just an awesome game and one that does not get the love it deserves.
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Will There Be A Doom 2

Will There Be A Doom 2?

When ID handed over the development duties of the reboot of Doom, many were a little unsure of how it would go. Well, it is safe to say that pretty much everyone was blown away. As you know, we deal in the best damn modded controllers when it comes to first person shooters and the reboot of Doom is so far one of the best shooters of this console generation!

Sure there has been some great DLC for the game released and actually, the multiplayer aspect of Doom is one of the highlights. But somehow Bethesda managed to create a lore and world that we actually cared about. Hell, they even gave “Doom Guy” a bit of a personality and that was awesome. Being on Mars and in Hell was a lot of fun and each area you went into felt like a huge battle arena.

But will there be a Doom 2? We would think that most likely there will be as the game was a huge success on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All three versions were very well received and sold very well. We would really like to see more of this story, just to see what they come up with next. Hell on earth maybe?

The only thing that concerns us is Bethesda, they did a phenomenal job, but we all know how busy Bethesda are so would they have the time to make the sequel or would ID give the reigns to someone else?
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Why You Need To Still Be Playing Gears Of War 4

Why You Need To Still Be Playing Gears Of War 4

One of the best things about our is just how well they work with Gears Of War 4. We have been playing a lot of Horde Mode lately and it got us thinking that Gears Of War 4, despite being one of the best exclusive games on the Xbox One has kind of been forgotten about, which we feel is a damn shame. Everyone was all over this game for a while and then it just sort of got put to the wayside.

First of all the campaign is fantastic. Gears Of War 3 really did close the story perfectly so many of us were a little unsure of how Gears Of War 4 would be in terms of the story. But it is just fantastic. You have the perfect blend of a new cast of character (JD is pretty awesome) along with bringing back the old favorites like Marcus, Cole, and Baird to help ease the transition into this new era of Gears Of War. The only downside of the campaign is the cliffhanger ending. Which in a way shows how good the campaign was as you are just so desperate to find out what happens next.

As far as multiplayer goes. Gears Of War 4 is the best third person shooter on the Xbox One… yep, we just said that. It has all the modes you would expect like your team Deathmatch and so on. But it is Horde mode that keeps those of us who stuck with the game, keep coming back. It is just so much fun standing shoulder to shoulder with some budding mowing down wave after wave of enemies.

So next time you are looking for something to play, have a think about firing up Gears Of War 4 once again as we can assure you that you will be in for a great time
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Get Extra COD Points When You Pre Order WW2

Get Extra COD Points When You Pre Order WWII

Say what you will about Activision, but sometimes they do things that are pretty cool and helpful for the Call Of Duty community. They know that we are all super excited for Call Of Duty WWII. But we may be a little put off actually pre ordering. Let’s face it no one is going to have any trouble walking into any game store and picking up a copy on launch day.
But if you have been on the fence about pre ordering Call Of Duty WWII. 

Activision has just announced a pretty cool bonus and that is some extra COD Points. You are actually getting 500 COD points for both Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare if you pre order the digital version of WWII. It can be any version of WWII that you pre order, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This offer is running up until the 7th of August so you have a while to take advantage of it. If you still play Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warfare and know you will be getting WWII, it is worth considering.

As an extra bonus, those who pre order the PlayStation 4 version of the game will also get a pretty cool dynamic theme that will bring their PS4 dashboard to life.
This is a pretty cool pre order bonus as it gives the older games just a little bit more life before Call Of Duty WWII comes out.
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Will We Ever See Another COD Set In The Future?

Will We Ever See Another COD Set In The Future?

Call Of Duty Controllers Ps4

ModsRus Cod Controllers

Hey, guys today we are putting on our philosophical hat as we think about the future of Call Of Duty, more specifically, Call Of Duty set in the future. Look, we are super excited for Call OF Duty WWII. But, we feel that Infinite Warfare was hated on pretty harshly. Many people decided they hated the game before they even played it!

But the negative reception (have you seen the amount of thumbs down the trailer got on YouTube?) may have made Activision think twice about taking the Call Of Duty series into outer space again. People seemed cool with Advanced Warfare, but Infinite Warfare took things just that step too far for many people. Some even saying it felt more like a Halo game than a COD one!

Now, of course, this is all personal preference, but we do feel that there is a place for a Call Of Duty game to be set in the future. Be that just a few years or even hundreds of years. You can have one more classic COD game one year and then a more sci-fi based on the following year. While it may not be the biggest selling COD game of all time, Infinite Warfare still sold well, but was that well enough for Activision to want to take the series to the outer reaches of space again?

You would have to think that Activision would be willing to roll the dice again. One thing that would maybe be pretty cool would be a Call Of Duty set in the future, but 80’s style! Like full on neon lights, flying cars and all eh other stuff that was part of 80’s sci-fi movies.

We would love to hear what you guys think. Would you like to see another futuristic Call Of Duty game? Do you think we have a chance of getting another one? 
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Gears Of War 5 Wish List

Gears Of War 5 Wish List

Gears Of War 5 ps4 controllers

Gears Of War 5

So far one of the best Xbox One exclusives is Gears Of War 4. Actually, many of the people who look at our Xbox One modded controllers do so because of Gears Of War 4. Our mods greatly help with not just horde mode and multiplayer and also getting you through the story. Anyway, that is not what we are talking about today. Today, we are looking at a few of the things we would like to see in Gears Of War 5.

Great Story

Ok, so this is a given as despite being about a bunch of meat heads. Gears Of War has a fantastic story that is well written, well acted and actually makes you care about the characters. Gears Of War 4, many people felt ended on kind of a cliffhanger. It left you wanting more (like a good story did) and this new band of characters is ready for their next adventure. We would love to see more from JD and his crew, but at the same time, the old GOW gang is more than welcome to tag along.

Take Some Risks With Gameplay

The Gears Of War games are great. But you know exactly what you are getting into with a Gears Of War game. The fourth game added a kind of basic tower defense element and that was fun. But maybe some huge new set pieces, vehicle sections, what about some on rails shooter sections? While we would not like Gears Of War to change a whole lot. We do feel that a couple of different set pieces in the game would really kick the game into the next level.

We would love to hear what you guys would love to see in the next Gears Of War game in the comments selection below. 
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Call Of Duty WWII Zombies Mode Sounds Sick

Call Of Duty WWII Zombies Mode Sounds Sick

Mod Controllers Call Of Duty ww11
ModsRus Controllers

When we way sick, we mean sick in the best possible way. Sledgehammer games the people behind Call Of Duty WWII teased us with a picture from the new zombies mode. It was gross and made us glad we have a stock room of modded PlayStation 4 and modded Xbox One controllers as the auto aim is going to come in very handy.

While the 80’s inspired Zombies mode from Infinite Warfare was fun. Call Of Duty WWII looks like it is going the horror route. Which is not surprising as some of the folks who are working on this game worked on Dead Space…and that game was messed up. The gross image we have seen looks like some kind of metal fused with flesh.

This is very interesting as many have said that during WWII, Hitler was into all kinds of messed up stuff such as the occult. So could these new zombies be some kind of super Nazi zombie? If they are, sign us up right now, sign us up for the game and for a new pair of underpants as we know Sledgehammer games are going to make this as intense and scary as possible.

It is looking like the Zombies mode in Call Of Duty WWII could be one of the best yet and we love how it seems like it is going to be more horror than goofy. Zombies are one of the most underrated things about Call Of Duty and like many of you, us here at Mods “R” Us cannot wait to take part in some Zombie slaying action.

If you want a heads up in this mode then be sure to look at our modded controllers which offer auto aiming in Zombies mode.     
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Get Into Battlefield 1 With Our Modded Controllers

Get Into Battlefield 1 With Our Modded Controllers

Mod Controllers Battlefield 1
Mod Controllers Battlefield 1

Some people tend to be Call Of Duty people or Battlefield people. Battlefield for some is quite the intimidating game to get into. Hardcore Battlefield players will talk about how you have to work as a team, you have to play your role, you cannot just run around shooting like a maniac. For the casual player, it can sound very intimidating, even though it looks amazing.

Well, we have the best range of modded Xbox One controllers and modded PS4 controllers that help you in not just Battlefield 1, but pretty much any other shooter than you can think of. Playing the role of a medic can be hard for a newbie. But when you do not have to worry about things like reloading and aiming. It gives you more time to focus on your role that you need to play to ensure your team has the best chance for victory.

Battlefield 1 is an awesome first person shooter, it really is and our controllers will help you ease into the game so that you know what you are doing and from there you will be leading your own squad in no time.. or at the very least not have your buddies yelling at you for falling behind, running ahead or not healing them! The actual shooter part of Battlefield 1 is not what is challenging it is learning how to properly play as a tanker, medic or just a support class. We have designed our modded PS4 and Modded Xbox One controllers to really give you an edge in battle.

We really do feel that Battlefield 1 is one of the best first person shooters on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 right now and we feel that with the right controller, you will have a fantastic time. Even if you come up against people who have been playing the game since launch! 
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