Use Rapid Fire And Quick Aim To Be King Of COD

Use Rapid Fire And Quick Aim To Be King Of COD

One of the best features that our PS4,PC, and Xbox One modded controllers have is quick aim and rapid fire. These are two of the most popular and useful features that our controllers offer and gamers seem to love using them together. It really does give you an edge and allows you to just run and gun all over any map, no matter what your loadout is.

The way this combo work sis that first of all, rapid fire will turn any kind of weapon into a fully automatic one. So you can just blow people away, even with weapons that are much slower at firing. We love this mod and from the feedback, we have gotten from you guys, so do you.

As devastating as rapid fire is, when you use it with quick aim, you truly are unstoppable. This is because quick aim will auto aim as soon as you pull the fire trigger. This is awesome as it means you do not have to waste your time pulling the left trigger or L2 in order to zoom in to get the best shot. The controller will do this automatically for you, giving you a much clearer shot.

We can assure you that with these two mods turned on, you will be a nonstop killing machine! While it is really cool that you are bossing the game. It also makes it just so much more fun. So if you want to run and gun in style and do some serious damage in the process, rapid fire and quick aim is the way to go. xProductBrowser(“categoriesPerRow=3″,”views=grid(20,3) list(60) table(60)”,”categoryView=grid”,”searchView=list”,”id=my-store-1145491″);

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